Elvis, where are you now…?

So the Beatles are releasing a 50th anniversary Sergeant Pepper album; U2’s Joshua Tree is 30 years old and they are doing a tour of the same name.  David Bowie is still being discussed in relation to new music, namely Lorde and Harry Styles…

What about Elvis Presley?  You know, the man who gave us rock and roll, swivel hips and hit after hit of melodic and meaningful tunes.  I can still remember where I was when I heard that he had died; can you?  According to the Guardian, young people haven’t even heard of him.  I don’t know about you, but I’m shocked and disappointed.  Ok, I know he is dead, but so is Roy Orbison, and his music was all over BBC4 last week.  His legacy is important to the history of music but also are still worthy of a listen today.  So I urge you to go ahead and listen.

In the Ghetto is one of my favourite tracks – here it is just to remember how brilliant it is.

Elvis may be dead, but we owe it to him to keep his music alive.  May be I’ll set up a petition…

What is your favourite Elvis record?


2 thoughts on “Elvis, where are you now…?

  1. Elvis had the most amazing voice and he had a huge influence on pop music especially in the 50s. He definitely deserves to be remembered for his musical legacy – not for the quality of his many many tribute acts! Favourite track – hard to choose but I’ll go for ‘Suspicious Minds’.


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